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The Science of Super-Tapered Bristles in Toothbrushes

December 3, 2023
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At Healthygums, we understand that maintaining optimal oral health hinges on the small, but significant details, like choosing the right toothbrush. Systema toothbrushes stand out in the oral care market with a game-changing feature: super-tapered bristles.

But what are super-tapered bristles and how do they help to improve oral hygiene? In this latest blog from the Healthygums team, we will be exploring the science behind these innovative bristles and how they are revolutionising oral care. Let’s get started!

The Science Behind Super-Tapered Bristles

Systema toothbrushes boast proprietary super-tapered bristles, measuring a mere 0.02mm at their tips – about 1/10th the diameter of regular toothbrush bristles. This ultra-fine design enables the bristles to deeply penetrate the narrow crevices of the periodontal pocket, effectively cleaning between teeth and gums where conventional brushes can’t reach. 

This precision targets plaque buildup and prevents gum inflammation, warding off health conditions like periodontal disease.

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency

The slim, tapered design of Systema bristles reaches areas that traditional bristles can’t. They remove plaque and debris from the gum line, providing a comprehensive clean that’s tough on plaque but gentle on your gums. Plus, they can get in between those hard to reach for a more complete clean.

Gentle on Sensitive Gums

Despite their deep-cleaning capabilities, Systema’s super-tapered bristles are incredibly gentle on sensitive and bleeding gums. The softness of these bristles reduces irritation, making brushing a comfortable experience, even for those with gum sensitivities.

Dentist-Approved Quality

Systema toothbrushes have earned the trust and recommendation of dental professionals worldwide. Dentists appreciate the effectiveness of the super-tapered bristles in promoting superior oral hygiene, making them a popular choice in professional dental care.

Japan’s No. 1 Oral Care Brand

Systema holds the prestigious title of being Japan’s No. 1 oral care brand, and it isn’t hard to see why! For the ultimate dental clean, choose Systema.

Tailored for Every Need

Systema offers a range of toothbrushes designed for various oral care needs. Whether you require deep cleaning, have sensitive gums, or are looking for a complete brushing experience, there’s a Systema toothbrush crafted for your specific needs. Each brush harnesses the power of super-tapered bristles to ensure an unmatched teeth cleaning performance.

Revolutionising Oral Care

The introduction of super-tapered bristles by Systema has transformed the approach to daily oral care. With their ability to reach deep within the gum line and remove plaque effectively, these bristles offer a superior level of teeth and gum cleaning. Ideal for those with sensitive gums and backed by dental professionals, Systema toothbrushes are the best choice for your next toothbrush.

Embrace the Power of Systema

Say goodbye to plaque buildup and gum problems with a Systema toothbrush! Choose Systema for effective, gentle, and dentist-approved oral care. It’s time to level-up your oral health. Click here to shop our online range.

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