Systema Super Thin Toothbrush (Japan’s No. 1 brand) Regular Head 4X $19.95

Designed to reach back molars
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SYSTEMA Super Thin Toothbrush – 4pcs for $19.95

Ultra-thin Brush Head and Neck with Spiral Bristles

The Systema Super Thin toothbrush is designed to easily reach the back molars and wisdom tooth areas at the back of the mouth.

With Advanced New Technology from Japan, the thickness of the brush head is reduced to 3mm compared to 5mm of an ordinary toothbrush. A thinner brush head and a more slender neck would improve the maneuverability of the toothbrush in the mouth.

With 40% thinner brush head it can reach deeper to remove 7X more plaque at the back teeth. This toothbrush reaches and cleans the back molars and wisdom tooth areas better because of its thinner brush head design, which allows it to reach further into the back of the mouth. Super deep reach for super clean teeth.

It has a slim, flexible neck and handle that gives it excellent maneuverability.

The Systema Super Thin toothbrush is very popular overseas and have been launched since 2019.

LION Corp, an established oral care manufacturer and the No. 1 oral care brand in Japan strives to offer high quality toothbrushes through continual R&D.

Case Study – Reach the Backs of the Back Molars

Made In Thailand

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