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SYSTEMA Gum Care Super Soft Toothbrush (Japan’s No. 1 brand) Regular 4X $19.95

Super Soft Bristles Regular Head
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Product Details

4 Pieces for $19.95 includes FREE POSTAGE

Systema Gum Care Toothbrush

  • Super Soft Bristles and
  • Regular Head
Features :
  • The difference is in the bristles.
  • Patented 0.02mm Super-Tapered Soft and Slim Bristles.
  • Tip of the bristles is 1/10th the thickness of normal bristles.
  • The Soft and Slim Bristles can penetrate deep into spaces between the teeth and gums and provide effective cleaning along the gum line.
  • Cleans effectively yet gently without hurting the gums.
  • Soft and gentle on bleeding or sensitive gums,
  • Made of High Grade PBT bristles. They are more durable than ordinary nylon bristles.

Systema LION is Japan’s No. 1 Toothbrush Brand*

Check out the Research and Development of super tapered bristles for periodontal pocket care

Available in Australia since 2013 distributed by Healthygums Pty Limited

*INTAGE SRI+, Systema is No.1 Brand in Toothbrush Category, Value Sales CY 2020

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